Tours and Festivals

The Chelmsford Competitive Festival of Music and Drama

Since Star Struck began we have been active participants of Chelmsford Festival.  Over the years we have won many top prizes and trophies gaining over 90 marks on numerous occasions for our mime pieces.  We have also been invited along to perform at the prize winners concert to showcase our work.  This is our big festival event of the year.

Charity Concerts

Since 2011 we have taken part in different charity concerts at various venues around Essex helping to raise money for Southend Hospital, Breathe Easy and several Cancer Charities.

Hip Hop Competitions 2013

Since early 2013 we have been participating in hip hop competitions around the Essex area winning many trophies and awards.

Fright Night – November 2012

In November 2012 a handful of students took part in a fright night at The MegaCentre Rayleigh.  They were required to dress up as various spooky characters and hide within the centre’s laser arena.  They spent time jumping out on the participants and scaring them.